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Funeral Arrangements

Funeral arrangements for Debbie Silvey, wife of Kevin Silvey, have been announced.  Visitation will be Saturday at Wilson's Funeral Home (Wallis Stewart Chapel) from 4-8 pm, and the funeral is Sunday at 2 pm at Ringgold First Baptist Church.

Catoosa Case Management Server

Clerk Tracy Brown informs me the CCMS server is back up and running!!!

A Matter Of Perspective

Congratulations go out to the two teams who represented the Bar Association in the Optimist Club Tournament held last week at Canyon Ridge.  Depending on your perspective, both finished in the top two.  Or, if you're a pessimist, they both finished in the bottom two.  Either way, Buzz Franklin's team finished ahead of David Dunn's team.  Kudos to both for representing the Bar very well!!!


New Instructional Video

Judge House and Kathy Page have teamed up to create a video for jurors in Dade County.  Watch...and learn.




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Notice Regarding Adoption Petitions

To all attorneys and staff: The Superior Court Judges no longer have a Law Clerk to review adoption petitions.  It is NOT necessary to send a copy of your adoption petition for review.  SAVE A TREE!!!


Lois Law Login Information: To access the Lois Law research page, please contact either the local judge's secretary or the Chief Court Administrator.  They have the username and password for attorney and public use.

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