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Merry Christmas From The LMJC!!!


 2015 Calendar!!!

More changes have been made to the 2015 Calendar.  Also, for those of you who use our Google Calendar, it has been completely updated.  You need to sync the calendar if it isn't set for automatic updates. 

Survey Says!

Kennessaw State University will be conducting a survey in each of the LMJC Courthouses in the next six weeks.  They will be in Walker County on Wednesday, December 10th.  Security personnel are required to cooperate with this survey and allow the appropriate personnel to set up their table, survey, and banner.  They will be out of the way, but in an area to optimize traffic.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give the Chief Court Administrator a call, text, or email.




Georgia Legal Services Program

Memo Concerning Public Access To Hearings

Notice Regarding Adoption Petitions

To all attorneys and staff: The Superior Court Judges no longer have a Law Clerk to review adoption petitions.  It is NOT necessary to send a copy of your adoption petition for review.  SAVE A TREE!!!


Lois Law Login Information: To access the Lois Law research page, please contact either the local judge's secretary or the Chief Court Administrator.  They have the username and password for attorney and public use.

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Georgia Justice Project (Record Expungement)

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Four Points

TransParenting Calendar and Registration Information

2015 TransParenting

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Casemaker Research Software

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State of Georgia Homepage

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Georgia Judicial Branch

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If you need to use Lois Law in the Law Libraries, please contact the local Judge's Secretary or Assistant for login information.  You may also contact the Chief Court Administrator (aaaahhh!!!!)

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