There will NOT be a second week of Chattooga Criminal Jury Trials. Great job, everyone!

Also On March 5th,

Judge Thompson will be starting Circuit at 8 am and Judge Van Pelt at 9 am. Both judges will be leaving at 11 am. Non-contested hearings are preferred, however those cases requiring a hearing CAN BE heard on Tuesday, March 6th in Walker County.


Evidence Presentation System

If you need help with the Evidence Presentation System, please contact the Court Administrator prior to your hearing.  Please don't wait until the day of your hearing. Thanks!

Board of Governors Vacancy.  Click HERE for more details.

Notice To Attorneys

Order Granting Petition For Quo Warranto

Filing FeesChattooga Probate Court Preparation of Documents

The Center For Hope reminds all defense attorneys of the opportunities they provide through Pre-Trial Diversion Programs.  Please download and/or read this  important information.

The Center For Hope

We have a new login for Loislaw, which is now called FASTCASE.  Click on the name and it will take you directly to the login page.  But you need to contact Cindy Hall in Judge Van Pelt’s office or me (Your Chief Court Administrator) for the Login and Password.  You can also text me for the login information.

If you want to receive the LMJC Calendars,                                                      email me at for instructions.

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New Guilty Plea Affidavit

First Offender Sentencing Notice

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