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Our Deepest Condolences

The LMJC would like to express our thoughts and prayers to Jo Buice, former secretary for Judge Hill, at the loss of her husband, Leroy Buice.  His obituary can be found here.

Bar Party!

The Bar Association is having a social event on June 6, 2015 at the Walker County Civic Center in Rock Springs.  The party begins at 6:00 p.m.  All bar association members and those wishing to join the bar association are welcome to attend.  In addition to electing officers, the bar association will be discussing the online case databases in Walker and Catoosa Counties and scheduling pictures for an update directory.  If you have a topic you would like discussed, please contact Chris Rawls.

 Congratulations Steve Ellis!

Steve Ellis has been selected to be the Juvenile Court Judge for Walker and Dade Counties, replacing Judge Henry who has announced his retirement.  Effective July 1st, "Judge" Ellis will assume the position and begin diligently working on updating his fantasy baseball team roster.  Congratulations!

Change To The Child Support Calculator

On January 6, 2015, version 9.1 of the Excel electronic Child Support Calculators was released.  The Georgia Commission on Child Support, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 19-6-53(a)(3)(B)(iv), has the statutory responsibility to adjust formulas annually that are used in calculating Social Security (FICA) taxes for self-employment as changes occur in federal tax laws.  As a result, the formulas used for calculations on Line 3 of Schedule B in both electronic Excel calculators have been updated. 

Please visit the Commission website, to download the latest version.



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Notice Regarding Adoption Petitions

To all attorneys and staff: The Superior Court Judges no longer have a Law Clerk to review adoption petitions.  It is NOT necessary to send a copy of your adoption petition for review.  SAVE A TREE!!!


Lois Law Login Information: To access the Lois Law research page, please contact either the local judge's secretary or the Chief Court Administrator.  They have the username and password for attorney and public use.

A free alternative to MS Office called Open Office.

Click Here to download the latest version.

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If you need to use Lois Law in the Law Libraries, please contact the local Judge's Secretary or Assistant for login information.  You may also contact the Chief Court Administrator (aaaahhh!!!!)

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